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Yasuhiro Ichihashi - Requiem
68 plays

Dracula X’s “Requiem”

Garry Schyman - All Spliced Up
36 plays

BioShock’s “All Spliced Up”

Garry Schyman - Cohen's Masterpiece
52 plays

Bioshock’s “Cohen’s Masterpiece”

Rule of Rose’s “Piano etude I (Rule of Rose)”

Rule of Rose’s “A love suicide ~The theme of RULE of ROSE~”

Chase music from Clock Tower II. The percussion is sick in the third chase theme. Way to catchy to be scary. ;)

Noriyuki Asakura - THE BUSTER!
30 plays

Siren’s “The BUSTER!”

Hitomi Shimizu - The Gates of Paradise Are Open
172 plays

Siren’s “The Gates of Paradise Are Open”

Gary Ashiya - Mommy...
20 plays

Siren’s “Mommy…”

Gary Ashiya - Tabori
14 plays

Siren’s “Tabori”

Hitomi Shimizu - Karuwari I
4 plays

Siren’s “Karuwari I”