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CITADEL Part 1 is a short concept album by KRYSTAL SKULL RECORDS. It was created for upcoming games and short films.

Check out this track ‘Ramskull’, its pretty sweet.


Hello A Video Game Music Blog

It would be an honor to be featured on your blog! 
Earlier this year I released my self-produced EP “A Drummers Tale”. With this EP I wanted to show the listeners two sides of a coin, half being acoustic instrumental rock vs the other electronic game inspired music. 
I hope you enjoy this and that you find a place for it in your blog. 
Many thanks in advance.  
Look forward to hearing from you. 
Kind Regards,


MegaMan ‘Storm Eagle’ extra long sneak peek. I’m not finished with the ending yet, but here’s what I have so far.

Hi I am contacting you on behalf of the HIp Hop group SHOB Mob. 

Two of our members (Sh0gun x Chron!cle) recently released a song based around the popular mmorpg Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn titled “V5 (The Raid)” and he thought it would be cool if you guys could feature it on your blog, maybe with a small description of the game? Let us know what you think! The link to the song is below.
V5 (The Raid) - https://soundcloud.com/shobmob/v5-the-raid

AVGMB NOTE: This track is NSFW.

Hello fellow readers!

I am a video game composer working for Swedish developers Coilworks. They just released their debut game called Cloudbuilt, which is getty pretty sweet reviews right now. As I did the music for this game, of course I want as many people as possible to listen to it! It has been described as an electronic, fast paced soundtrack with orchestral elements as well as a very retro feel. If you think this is something you might like, check out the bandcamp and listen to it for free! If you don’t think you like it? Check it out anyways, it might just surprise you!

Best Regards
Jacob Lincke, Composer

Cover Artwork by Poi Poi Chen

Look at this video! I found it and just thought more people should see it. Happy surfing! SFW

NES album!

Hello all,

Hello Destructoid staff!

My name is Richie Palys. I’m a video game composer and musician based in Chicago. I’m soon to be starting a kickstarter for an album consisting of NES tunes arranged for jazz ensemble with a heavy emphasis on 8-bit synth and production. This is my homage to Nintendo’s everlasting nostalgia that is instilled in me. What I hope to do is reach the NES lovers and share this love letter to Nintendo as a community. Who of you would be apt to help out this project once it goes up on kickstarter?

The tracklist is as follows:

Startropics - Dungeon Theme
Super Mario Bros 2 - Level 1
Bionic Commando - Level 1
Marble Madness - Level 2
The Legend of Zelda II: Link’s Adventure - Temple Theme
Duck Tales - Moon Theme
Little Nemo The Dream Master - Level 1
Ninja Gaiden - Mineshaft
Megaman 2 - Airman

Tell me what you think!


Richie Palys


I usually receive email notifications when i receive a submission, but it seems it’s not doing its job. Apologies for any delays in publishing your submissions! (Except for those who keep sending me cool stuff that’s not related to music! STAHP IT! This isn’t the blog you’re looking for :P).

My Donkey Kong Country Sampled Song and Video Game Related Album


Life’s A Mitch Out today! I feel like this is the best beat I have made. DOWNLOAD LIFE’S A MITCH!

I sampled many wonderful things. I sampled The Last of Us, Donkey Kong Country, Bioshock Infinite, movies like Imaginary Heroes, Flight, I sampled pianos, harps, war drums! Give the album a download if you want 19 tracks of hard work and creativity. <3

Uncharted Dynamic Music Suite Tribute

For any fans of the Uncharted series, or simply of action adventure music in general: here’s a little experiment that combines dynamic music with a tribute suite to the great music by Greg Edmonson -> www.kejero.com.

Not interested in playing around with dynamic music? Then you might still enjoy the regular 15-minute suite of some of the best themes in this video instead!


For more leadsheet transcriptions go to;http://videogamemusicbook.wix.com/videogamerealbook


For more leadsheet transcriptions go to;http://videogamemusicbook.wix.com/videogamerealbook